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The content of the OET Writing test is dependent on what kind of health professional you are. You can be a vet, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, or pharmacist and many more besides, but the most common professionals taking the test are nurses and doctors. 

Whatever healthcare job you have, you will be provided with a set of case notes that are typical, practical and easily understood by those in your profession. Your task will be to use those notes to write a letter to a fellow professional. The most frequent type of task given is to write a referral letter, although the writing of discharge, 
transfer and even advice letters are also possible.

Planning will help you pass!

I know lots of students don’t like the idea of ‘wasting’ time planning, but this can’t be said strongly enough: 
 It really is that important and is never a waste of time.

 We recommend that you spend around the first five minutes of the 40 minutes planning your letter. Briefly write out, in note form, what information is going to be in each paragraph. The following sections of this guide will help you to be able to structure your plan correctly.

The Main Body Paragraphs

This is one 
of the most difficult parts of 
OET Letter Writing - in which order should you organise the  relevant information you have selected?
Each set of case notes is different, and the situation you are describing and the requests you are making are not the same; therefore, each letter will have a slightly different structure.

When reporting about a patient’s specific history, we change the order of the information depending on who we are telling it to. This is important to ensure they 
understand the most important information and to ensure they remain engaged. This is the case whether we are talking to them on the phone or writing them a letter as in the OET exam.

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