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💢 Is the writing sub test really that difficult to pass?

💢 Do you need feedback and corrections on your speaking?

💢 Are you always making grammatical mistakes?

💢 Do you need new practice mock tests?

We Have The Perfect Guide And Method For You To Pass All 4 Subtests

Pass your writing subtest by writing up to 20 letters and be corrected by our highly qualified UK native OET teachers
Pass your speaking and listening subtest by
attending our interactive live classes and practicing with your study partner
Pass your reading subtest by watching our comprehensive reading video lessons and doing the exercises and practice mock exams

Our Mission is To Help You Pass OET

Over the course of 6 years, our team of highly experienced UK native teachers have helped thousands of students pass their exams.

Swoosh English is a “Premium Preparation Provider”, meaning that our learning materials provided are high quality, trusted and credible.

The UK & Australia Need You!!!

In the UK, as of June 2019, the NHS had 11,576 vacancies for doctors. It needs 5,000 extra nurses every year.

And in Australia, the HWA (Health Workforce Australia) estimate that there will be a shortage of over 100,000 nurses by 2025.

You could start earning £25,000 - £80,000 + per year in the UK/AU!!!

Since 2013, our team of highly experienced UK native teachers have helped thousands of students pass their OET exams and fulfil their dreams of living and working abroad.

And right now, we are making the OET course more affordable for you...
We don’t want you to make the same mistakes that most students make...


They failed because they took the OET exam too early even when they weren’t ready to pass.


They make an assumption on their level of English, hoping and wishing they can pass FIRST TIME. After a lot of time studying by themselves, they take the exam and FAIL.


Retaking the OET exams 2,3, 4 or even 6 times before they finally pass. Why do you need to risk spending $1000 (2 exams), $1500 (3 exams) or even $3000 (6 exams) to retake the exam again and again?

Based On Our Recent Facebook Poll, How Many People Are Actually Making These Mistakes?

Shocking Result: 75% of those who took the survey have spent between $1000 and $3000 on OET exam fees.

Are you willing to invest $249 now or spend thousands later from repeating your test?

Here's How Our Students Pass First Time...
Eji, a nurse from India passed the OET with 4 B’s first time with Swoosh. Writing was the most difficult task for her, but with the course that she took from Swoosh English, our UK native teacher was able to correct her and was able to help her a lot in passing the writing subtest.
Linda from Zimbabwe took IELTS so many times and had failed because there was no teacher assisting her and correcting her mistakes. Finally, she passed OET with the help of our UK native OET teachers.

It was a dream come true for Dr. Laween to work in the UK. He is a doctor from Iraq who passed the OET exam with 4 B's after joining Swoosh English.
George is a nurse from India who passed the OET exam with 4 B's after joining Swoosh English.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Try it risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Let’s break it all down.

Why should you prepare for OET with Swoosh English?
  • ​Save time and money. $249 is a relatively small investment to give yourself the best chance of passing first time. Remember, it costs you $500 every time you have to sit the OET exam. 
  • Swoosh is an officially accredited OET Premium Preparation Provider with UK native OET teachers. We have helped thousands of students pass OET.
  • With our state-of-the-art online learning platform and teaching materials, you’ll be able to study or take practice mock exams (along with our analysis videos) anytime, anywhere. Even if you miss a live class, you can watch our live class recordings at your own convenient time, catering to your busy schedule.


You could be the next doctor or nurse to meet up with Alex in London!
Life couldn’t get any better when you’ve finally achieved your dream of living and working in the UK just like Dr Nastassia Nardini.

She passed her OET with Swoosh English and met up with our managing director, Alex Melia.

“It was great to meet one of our passing doctors face to face.”

Dr Nastassia is now loving her life as a pathologist in London. We want this to be you too! :)

WE WILL provide you with all the materials and teacher support you need to help you pass OET first time!
Enroll Today To Start Preparing With Your
OET Premium Package
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What You Get When You Enroll In The Premium Course Today:
  • ​Our 5 Self-study Video Courses are designed by our UK OET teachers with a strong focus on exam practice. In these video courses, we will show you step by step methods on how to pass each part of all 4 areas of the exam.
  • ​With our OET Exam Readiness Test, you will be able to assess your English level and and identify your weak points.
  • ​Writing is a common weak point for many students. Your letters will be corrected by one of our UK native OET teachers and you’ll be given a score along with detailed feedback. This way, you are confident that with each letter correction you receive will move you closer to your grade A or B target.. You’ll have access to up to 20 letter corrections.
  • ​You will have access to our bank of letter model answer & previously corrected letters for you to learn from and use as a guide on what a grade A letter looks like for you to model your writing on.
  • ​Our OET mock exams are as close to the actual OET exam in format, difficulty, and length as you will find. They help you to develop your test-taking skills, identify your weak areas, and also demonstrate your mastery of the curriculum and the grading criteria.
  • ​After you take each exam, we will provide you with a set of mock exam explanation videos taught by our UK OET teachers, where they will walk you through the exam you have just done. They will analyze the correct and incorrect answers and show you how to improve your performance in the next exam.
    You can attend our live group classes 6 times per week.
  • Live classes allow you to practice and develop your skills and receive feedback in real time. You can ask our teachers all the questions you have about OET too.
  • ​Never miss a class even if you are busy. We will provide you with all lesson recordings to watch in your own time. You will also have unlimited access to all of our previous live classes.
  • ​You will be a part of our VIP Facebook Group where your questions are answered 24/7 by our UK native OET teachers.
  • ​We provide you with a study partner matching service. Having a study partner can make learning easier, more fun and more motivating for you!

OET Premium package


Until you pass!

5 Self-study Video Courses

For reading, listening, speaking & writing + writing model answer video course.
OET Premium package
/until you pass!

Self Study Video Courses

​OET Exam Readiness Test

​20 Writing Corrections

​7 Sets of Mock Exams

Live Group Classes

​Letter Model Answer Bank & ​Bank of Previously Corrected Letters

​Unlimited OET Live Class Recordings


One-to-One class – Get personalised feedback and support from our UK native OET teacher in a private one-to-one lesson! = VALUE $50

+1 extra OET reading and listening mock exam (8 total) = VALUE $20

Study partner matching service – Two heads are better than one. Having a study partner can make learning easier, more fun and more motivating for you! = VALUE $50

Be a part of our interactive and supportive VIP student support group and get your questions answered by our UK OET teachers = VALUE $50

Extra Bonuses Total Value: $170

100% RISK FREE!!!
100% Money back guarantee. If you show us that you have gone through the whole course by completing 100% of the video lessons and exercises and you feel you haven’t improved, we will be happy to provide you with a 100% refund within 60 days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take the Swoosh English course?
Swoosh courses can be accessed from several different devices and platforms, including a desktop/laptop, Android and iOS devices.

I don't have a debit or credit card, what can I do?
*You can ask a relative or friend if you can use their card and give them the money. Please ask for their permission before doing this.
*You can apply for a card from your local bank. This might take some time.
*You can also set up a PayPal account and use that.

How long do I have to complete a course?
You will have 24/7 access and you can study at your own pace.  This means they can be completed within 2 or 3 weeks if you study intensively and have an upcoming exam or within 2 or 4 months depending on course duration and your planned exam date.

Do I get access to everything immediately or do I have to wait?
You do not have to wait at all. As soon as you enroll, you will be emailed your login details and instructions, and you can access everything instantly.

I'm from the Philippines, can I pay through Pesopay?
Yes, you can pay over-the-counter cash payment through BDO, RCBC, Bayad Centers & ECpay. Please email us at

I live overseas. Can I still access the study material from my country?
Yes definitely! We have students from all over the world studying our courses and with the same goal of passing the OET/IELTS test. All you need is a computer or device and internet connection for 24/7 access.

Join the many passing medical professionals who have trusted Swoosh English to prepare for OET

"I got 3A's and 1B, and I was surprised also... and Swoosh was the only place I can get feedback on my writing and speaking."

Dr. Arsallan (3A's1B in OET)
OET passing doctor from Pakistan
"Your teaching and strategies here at Swoosh are very effective. And you can see the result... It's an A!"

Buen (1A3B's in OET)
OET passing nurse from the Philippines
"I just want to say thank you so much Alex. I felt so frustrated but you helped me a lot and I would never forget your help..."

Dr Laween (4B's in OET)
OET passing doctor from Iraq
She failed first time through self-study and passed second time after joining our course.-- "I am so happy! Thank you so much and I will always recommend Swoosh English course :)"

Dr Nehal (4B's in OET)
OET passing doctor from Egypt
"Thank you a lot for your help! Swoosh did a lot for me. Without Swoosh English, I don't know what to do with this OET exam."

Dr. Elia (4B's in OET)
OET passing doctor from Sudan
"Since I joined their programme, Swoosh helped me to know more about how to approach a writing task and listening task. The intense training provided by Swoosh helped me to pass my exam."

Shereena (4B's in OET)
OET passing nurse from India

Act now to avoid missing out on this opportunity to pass FIRST TIME.
STOP WASTING TIME with self study and failing.
You could start earning £25,000-£80,000 + per year in the UK!!!

This $30 discount is a special limited time offer. 
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